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Liver Pudding

When I was growing up two of my favorite foods
were "smoked pork sausage," and liver pudding.
I am not sure why they emphasized the "pork"
in pork sausage but this was ground, seasoned
pork sausage that was stuffed in a casing
(skin) and then slow cooked in a smoke house.
It had a somewhat dry texture but tasted great
when fried up. Does anybody have a smoked sausage

Liver pudding was also a favorite, fried in a
skillet and served with grits. Here is my Liver
Pudding recipe.

1 pound pork liver
1 pound boneless porkchop
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp red crushed red pepper
A pinch of sage

Clean the liver and trim away the excess
fat, membrane and veins. Cook the liver and
porkchops over medium heat, in separate pots,
until they are thoroughly done and a fork easily
inserts in them. Cook them separate to avoid
overcooking either. Save the stock from the

Cut the liver and porkchop into small cubes
and then run them thorough a meat grinder
together. In a pinch you can use a food processor
but you want to grind the meat, not liquify it. You
want it finely ground but not creamy.

Stir in your salt,two types of pepper, and sage.
Taste it and see if you want more seasoning.
But many of us need to watch our salt so
don't over do it. Use some of the liquid from
your pork chops to moisten your mixture so that
it sticks together nicely.

Now you have two choices. If you have casings,
you can run the pudding back through your
meat grinder, stuffing it into the casing as you
do. This is how we used to do it, and how also
how the pudding we bought from the local grocery
store was prepared. If you do not have casings
available locally, you can pack it tightly
into a lightly oiled pyrex (glass) loaf pan.

Cover with plastic wrap and refridgerate for
a day. I know it's tough but you want the
flavors to blend and the texture to set in.
After a day you it should be set enough where
you can put it in a plastic container if you
want. It will keep for several days in the

When ready to eat your liver pudding,
I like to slice off a few pieces and fry it
in a lightly oiled skillet until it is medium
browned. By medium browned I mean it has a
slight crust from cooking. Again, I like it
with grits, but I also like it in a sandwich.




Willie's Soul Food Cookbook

"Willie, Got your cookbook in the mail yesterday and cooked
your coconut pie and barbecued baby back ribs for
some friends we had over today. Needless to say, there were NO leftovers.

Thanks for such great recipes.

Maryjo Spears,
San Antonio, Texas"